Definition and Difference of LAN, MAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet

    LAN, MAN, WAN, Internet and Intranets are types of networks on a computer that are connected to each other.
For those of you who does not know about the understanding and difference between LAN, MAN, WAN, Internet and the Intranet, prepare the article as follows:

LAN (Local Area Network) 

    Local Area Network (LAN) is a network on computers that are connected to each other in a very close range and computer that are connected to the network can only interact with computers on the LAN network.

    Examples of LAN networks can be described on 2 computers that are interconnected with 1 UTP cable to be able to connect to each other or can also be described with one computer that is connected to one printer. 

    The advantages of LAN networks are the costs incurred to make this network only a little, because we do not need to use telecommunications operators or ISPS (Internet Service Providers) to make these computers able to connect to each other to exchange data. In addition, the process of transferring data on this network can work quickly.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) 

    Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a LAN network that is connected to other LAN networks. So if there is a LAN network that is interacting with other LAN networks, this is MAN.
Examples of forms of MAN networks can be described from a computer network from one village to another village and city.

    To create a MAN network it is usually necessary for a telecommunications’ operator to connect the computer network. This MAN networks is definitely different from the LAN network because this network can cover a wider area / area than the LAN to be able to communicate. In its performance more efficient and more secure security.

    Although the security is more maintained, but in fact the MAN network is easily damaged by people who are not responsible for taking personal advantage and to improve this MAN networks, it takes a little longer than the LAN network.


    Wide Area Network (WAN) is a type of computer network that can reach a wider area than LAN and MAN networks. To build a WAN network, really sophisticated equipment is needed.

    This network is usually intended to connect a very wide network such as between countries. To connect this network usually uses a fiber optic cable that is implanted in the ground or in the sea.

    Because to build this network requires sophisticating equipment, the devices connected in this network will be more confidential and safer. This technology has a very broad scope and security that is maintained, so to build a WAN network is definitely expensive.


    Intranet is almost similar to the internet. This intranet network is only used in internal environments such as offices, companies, schools and internet cafes. Intranets can communicate with each other through an internet network that serves as a bridge for remote communication.

    Actually the intranet can run smoothly without an internet network. Intranet can be considered as a private version of the internet or internet that is owned by a community.


    Internet stands for interconnection networks, which means that a computer network can connect someone who is in a different location using the standard global transmission control protocol (TCP / IP) system which acts as a protocol for packet switching to serve all internet users in the world.

Definition and Difference of LAN, MAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet