How to Easily Create a Database on XAMPP

    Before creating a database and user, you must know in advance what the database is. Well, a database is information that is stored on a computer systematically so that it can be checked using a computer program to obtain information from the database. 

    To create a local website in XMPP, you must create a database along with the user to be able to enter the web configuration stage. Now the steps to create a database along with users in XMPP can follow these methods:

    1.Enter phpmyadmin through the browser by typing URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin then press enter

    2.Open the database menu, after that enter the name for the database that will be created, then click Create.

    3.Next is to create a user for the database that was just created, how to enter the Privileges menu and click Add User.

    4.Fill in the user name, host name and password and change the format to Use text field. After that, check Grant all privileges on the database.

    5.Scroll to the Global privileges option and click Check All.

    6.Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click Go.

    Now you have finished creating the database with the user in XMPP. Don’t forget to record important parts during the database creation process and the user such as the database name and password.
How to Easily Create a Database on XAMPP